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The "Pusher" and My Addiction: India

Amy PlaistedComment
The "Pusher" and My Addiction: India

It was at least 100 degrees and felt more like walking on the sun. Jodhpur, even in winter, can be unbearably hot. I slugged down my 11th cup of hot tea as we rummaged our way through the 11th antique yard of the day. I was running on fumes and dehydrating fast. But, it’s an addiction. And, like an addict, I pushed back reason like it was just another broken piece of furniture hiding my next long lost treasure.

Collecting antiques can be hard work in any location. But, in my experience, India has to be the toughest. The romance of India aside (colors, “some” smells and the history are amazing), it’s also extremely hot, dusty, very dirty and…did I mention hot? Nonetheless, India’s vintage furniture and salvaged architectural pieces are my drug.

A few pictures from my first buying trip to India…


Vintage Mortars and wood pots. We have the mortars cleaned up and add reclaimed tops to use as side tables.

If only...maybe one day we will bring one of these beauties back home.

Just take all of my money. I need it all!

See what I mean about this being a drug?

Who would enjoy this if it weren't for what's on the other side? More hot tea please!

Okay here we go...the other side! 

I'll take curtain how about two and three. I'll just take them all. How can you choose?

by Chris Plaisted, owner - H&H