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2017 Color of the Year: J'adore!

Amy PlaistedComment
2017 Color of the Year: J'adore!

What does the color of the year mean for you? It means that you can paint, accent or fill every inch of your room with the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2017,  Shadow, the perfect blend of grey and lavender.

Frankly, I'm usually a little underwhelmed with the color of the year. Last year, Simply White? Sorry not drinking the Kool-aid. This year though. This is THE year. A huge lover of the raw beauty of antique wood furniture I'm also always looking for a good contrast color to help give a space a more modern feel. 

The first item on my list is to grab inspiration from the Insta design god accounts that have probably already found a ton of clever ways to use this unexpected color. The best part is that although edgy, it works with almost any tone of wood and style of decor. 

Shadow seems a little drastic right? Well, that's the point. I feel like Benjamin Moore got it right this year. And, honestly, it's not really all about the color for me. It's about taking chances with your interior. Doing something drastic. Live a little!

Surprised not to find more on Pinterest using Shadow. Maybe I am alone here? Take a look and let me know what you think. 


An homage to Shadow...

Mother Earth is even a big fan of Shadow

Love how they used Shadow with a plastered paint technique.

All about the mood.

Smart move with this pop of color chair. Can't get enough of this look!

Modern elegance deserves a little Shadow. I am not even sure these next few rooms have Shadow in them. Either way, I am obsessed with the blending of grey and lavender in these rooms. Shadow could easily be their friend.

You could always play it safe and add a pop of shadow found in art!

Gold and Shadow. What a dreamy boho feel with the live plants! Can this be my next AirBnb?

{all images found on Pinterest}

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