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A New Color Obsession: Green

Amy Plaisted1 Comment
A New Color Obsession: Green

Green. The color most commonly associated with nature, youth, spring, hope and envy. And, Hammer & Hand's new color obsession. 

We found this beast of a cabinet in Bali. This antique apothecary cabinet is over 100" tall! By far one of our favorite pieces. This cabinet is the epitome of green. It screams spring to us and it is definitely a cabinet to be envied! 


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I decided to do a little googling to see how green is trending. Let's check in with Paris Fashion Week...

Well, this isn't what I was expected. Definitely trending. Just not green. 

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Okay, here we go. Emilio Pucci is feeling the love for the GREEN in his Fall 15-16 Zodiac Collection. Dying. 


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