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A dream come true: Bali Part I

Amy Plaisted1 Comment
A dream come true: Bali Part I

It really is coming true. Let me start by saying...I LOVE MY LIFE! 

About a year ago Chris took his father on a buying trip to Jodhpur, India to go "picking" for us. I was a little jealous but still very excited for him and boy did he do a great job finding new Hammer & Hand product for our Warm Industrial Collection. 

It wasn't long after he returned that we began thinking about taking a trip together. My first trip going "picking" with Chris! Truth be known, although I have always wanted to visit India, and still do, I wasn't too keen spending on my first overseas trip in 9 years with my husband landlocked. I need a beach!

Luckily for us, we have been keeping up with our friend, Michael, in Bali since the inception of Hammer & Hand.

Hmmm...Bali? Yes We can do that. Done and done. 

Check this timelapse video of Bali. Dreamy...

We are going to stay in Seminayak for the first leg of our trip. We are still researching what we will do with our downtime. Other than the obvious. I mean the beach, people. Such dirty minds!

Checking out the La Plancha Seminayak Bali Beach Club looks like a must do...

Anyone wanna join us? These friends look like they are having fun!

image courtesy of bali-style-life

image courtesy of bali-style-life

We have already started finding some incredible pieces to bring home! In fact, we found some last night! No we are not in Bali. Yet!

Gotta love Whatsapp! to put us in direct contact and share photos with Michael! Love that we can communicate with him when we are still halfway around the world and go "picking" via phone!

We can't wait to bring these antique Balinese hand-carved architectural elements our friend Michael found for us yesterday in a hotel yard. 

I felt like Gollum when I saw this pop up on my phone. "My precious..."

Use them as a headboard...

                                                             Love the addition of the velvet upholstery!

                                                             Love the addition of the velvet upholstery!

Another great use for these one-of-a-kind hand-carved Indonesian artifacts would be to add a mirror. Talk about a conversation piece!

One of our favorite applications for these Balinese carved frames is this window!

We are so excited to experience the gift of this land and the Balinese architecture. 

(via Google images)

"Balinese architecture is developed from Balinese ways of life, their spatial organization, their communal-based social relationships, as well as philosophy and spirituality influenced its design; much owed to Balinese Hinduism" - wikipedia

We are all set to go! 

* Plane tickets. Check!

* Passports. Check!

* The greatest parents in the world traveling from FL to come and take care of our little monkeys while we are gone on our buying trip (they like to call it a honeymoon. not really sure why. hehe). Check!

* Place to stay. Check!

This will do for the first week...


Centrally located off Jl. Drupadi, Seminyak and just 5 minutes walk to the beach, Casa Bola a modern contemporary designed tropical  villa surrounded by frangipani trees. This new villa maximizes natural light and open space with an eclectic combination of whitewashed wood, tiles, shell and stone including carefully selected antique furnishings.

     2 A/C bedrooms 
     1 oversized bathroom
     Two 42 Inch Large Flat screen TV
     DVD player
     Sound system with full CD collection
     2 safes for valuables
     Open plan expansive living room
     Dining room seats 8 
     Fully equipped kitchen
     Bleached wood decking
     Pool Maintenance/Gardener
     Maid from 8.30am to 3pm
     Parking for 1 car and bikes

Did I mention the best part? This is a "business trip"!! #lovemyjob 

We leave September 20th! A dream come true!