Vintage Hindu Framed Reverse Painted Glass Shiva

Vintage Hindu Framed Reverse Painted Glass Shiva


This hand painted Shiva glass panel was originally built into a cabinet in Rajasthan, India. When the cabinet was being refinished we rescued this beautiful painting and added a vintage wood frame. These are all one-of-a-kind pieces of art that will be great conversation pieces! We wondered why Shiva sits on a tiger pelt? Here is the answer:

Shiva used to wander around the world as a bare-bodied sage. Once he reached a forest which was home to several powerful saints. The saints lived there with their wives in their ashrams. The wives of the saints were attracted to the young bare-bodied Shiva. Although he remained unaware of their presence. But the wives could not concentrate on their daily routine and this led to many miss-happenings in the ashrams.

When the saints realized that the reason for the waywardness of their wives was the young bare-bodied sage, they decided to teach him a lesson.

The saints dug a huge pit on the path through which Shiva used to walk. When Shiva reached the pit, they used all their powers and created a tiger and released it from the pit.

But without any difficulty, Shiva killed the tiger and tore off its skin and draped it over his body. The saints soon realized that one who could easily conquer over their powers was no ordinary sage and fell on his feet. Shiva then appeared before them with tiger skin wrapped around him.

Since then he wears the tiger skin, which symbolically shows that he is the all powerful.

- Handmade with vintage print
- Brought home from Northern India
- Vintage maintained painting with reclaimed wood frame
- Materials: wood, glass

11"W x 18"T

This piece ships via USPS for $19

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